We offer a wide range of surveying services including measured building, structural, topographic, building elevations and floor plans. All our surveys are undertaken by our experienced survey team who have worked a wide range of complex commercial, industrial and residential projects.

All our surveys are carried out using the latest equipment and software and we produce comprehensive drawings tailored to your requirements and suitable for use by your architectural designer, landscape architect, developer etc.  We pride ourselves on producing thorough and accurate surveys which minimise problems and delays and therefore represent excellent value for money.

If appointed, we will work closely with your Architect or other architectural designer to provide a survey solution that is sympathetic to your needs and budget.


Our services are flexible to suit your budget and requirements and we can discuss these with you before submitting our fee proposal.  We find that most of the surveying services that we provide fall into one of the following categories:

  1. Topographic surveys
  2. Building elevations
  3. Floor plans
  1. Topographic Surveys

We provide land surveys throughout  Kent and East Sussex. Land surveys show all ground related features on the site in their true position which is essential for any planned works or designs.  Our surveys are typically used for:

  • Land surveying
  • Site setting out
  • Surveys for flood risk analysis
  • Monitoring surveys
  • Control surveys
  • Volumetric surveys
  • Property boundary surveys

Surveys can be oriented to national, global or local coordinates as required. Drawings are produced in AutoCAD (DWG) format and issued as PDFs.

  1. Building Elevations 

Using the latest surveying techniques we can provide fully measured building elevations which detail the architectural elements of a building façade.  These surveys can be tailored to the client’s needs and often include door and window openings, facing materials, roofline detail, dimensioning and levels.  Our building elevations are typically used for:

  • Planning drawings
  • Listed and conservation consent applications
  • Street scenes
  • Structural and engineering projects
  • Record drawings
  1. Floor Plans

We provide high quality, fully detailed floor plans. These surveys can be tailored to the client’s needs however typical details include, door and window openings, wall thicknesses, window sill levels, room heights and dimensioning.  Our floor plans are typically used for:

  • Estate and Letting Agents plans
  • Building control applications
  • Extensions to existing buildings
  • Internal structural alterations
  • Building demolition
  • Building restoration
  • Listed building planning applications
  • Title plans
  • Fire regulations plans
  • Internal refurbishments


We need to assess the drawings, plans, specification and any other information you may have before we can tell you how much our fees would be for your project.  We can only provide a fixed price quotation after we have reviewed this information and determined the size and complexity of the project.  However, we appreciate that you will want to have at least an estimate of the likely cost so below is an indication of typical survey fees.  All prices exclude VAT.

Please send a copy of any information you have at this stage to so that we can provide you with an itemised fixed price quotation for your project.

Topographic Surveys

  • Residential site, typically less than 0.2 hectares (0.5 acres) –  £450 to £600 
  • Residential site, typically up to 0.5 hectares (1.2 acres) – £600 to £800 
  • Large commercial or industrial sites – from £800  

Building Elevations (per elevation)

  • Single storey bungalow – £40 
  • Two storey house – £50
  • Three storey house – £60

Floor Plans

  • Single storey bungalow – £300
  • Two storey house – £325
  • Three storey house – £350


Please phone Matt on 07447 533208 or email him at if you wish to discuss engaging us for any of the above services.