We provide the following flood risk management services for small and medium sized developments:

  • Flood Risk Assessments
  • Drainage Strategies, SuDS & Conceptual Surface Water Management Plans
  • Land Drainage Consents
  • Drainage Constraints Assessment – Early Assessment
  • General flood risk advice for property owners – Property Purchase Assessment
  • Flood Evacuation Plan
  • Property Flood Resilience Plan


Details of these services are given below.  Please contact us with details of what you require for a preliminary estimate or fixed price quotation.

  1. Flood Risk Assessments

Site Specific Flood Risk Assessments (FRAs) – Typically a standard requirement at the planning application stage for sites located in Flood Zones 2 & 3 and sites larger than 1 hectare in Flood Zone 1.

Our FRAs are written in accordance with National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) requirements, Planning Practice Guidance (PPG) and best practice technical guidance CIRIA C753 (SuDS Manual).  Our FRAs outline how flood risk will be managed as a consequence of the proposed development and typically include a surface and foul water drainage strategy.  Our FRAs are prepared taking into consideration all sources of flooding that could affect the site, thus ensuring there is no increase in flood risk.  

  1. Drainage Strategies, SuDS & Conceptual Surface Water Management Plans

Drainage strategies typically form a component of the FRA or they can be a standalone document, sometimes required by planning authorities for sites smaller than 1 hectare and located in Flood Zone 1 to demonstrate that that surface water from roofs and paved areas is being appropriately managed.  Our drainage strategies aim to meet the requirements of NPPF, the non-statutory technical standards for Sustainable Drainage, best practice technical guidance CIRIA C753 (SuDS Manual), BS8582;2013 and UK Sustainable Drainage Guidance.  Our drainage strategies include drawings showing the Conceptual Surface Water Management Plan (CSWMP) and supporting calculations.

CSWMPs form the most important part of a drainage strategy.  They determine whether a feasible and policy complaint surface water management solution can be achieved.  Our CSWMPs identifies key drainage features, attenuation details (volume and location) and control devices.  They include all necessary supporting calculations.  Our CSWMPs can be included as a standalone document, or as part of a full drainage strategy.

Detailed surface water and foul drainage design for single dwellings and small developments can also be provided (please refer to the ‘drainage’ page).  

3. Land Drainage Consents

If the development will require a new surface water discharge into an ordinary watercourse (drainage ditch), then land drainage consent may be required from the Lead Local Flood Authority or local Internal Drainage Board.  We are able to prepare and submit an application for land drainage consent to the relevant authority, which will include all necessary drawings and information.

  1. Drainage Constraints Assessment – Early Assessment

This is a technical assessment determining suitable drainage methods to assist in identifying site specific constraints, which can affect site layout.  These technical reports provide an initial assessment of drainage options and identify whether further specialist input may be required. Early assessment can assist in identifying site constraints, allowing risks to be managed early within development process and thus saving costs later on.  Our assessments also consider any county, district/borough council specific planning requirements.

  1. General flood risk advice for property owners – Property Purchase Assessment

We provide a ‘desktop study’ flood risk advice service for clients requiring an assessment on the purchase of a property or piece of land.  This service includes an assessment of surface water and fluvial flood risk, historical flooding information and an assessment of the potential impact of climate change on future flood risk.  Our assessments also consider other potential flood risk and maintenance issues surrounding the site, such as riparian responsibilities.

  1. Flood Evacuation Plan

If part of a new development is located within a floodplain, then there can sometimes be a planning condition requiring the preparation of a ‘Flood Evacuation Plan’.  Our Flood Evacuation Plans ensure that safe access and egress can be achieved and identify the procedures that need to be adopted and followed in the event the site is affected by flooding.

  1. Property Flood Resilience Plan

A property resilience plan assesses methods for protecting existing properties at risk of flooding.  Our Property Flood Resilience Plans includes a survey to identify all potential sources of flooding and preparation of a report identifying the risk of flooding and design drawings identifying proposals where works could be undertaken to provide resilience against flooding.

The above is not an exhaustive list of the services we provide.  If you require advice in any other aspect of flood risk management then please contact to us, as we may have the relevant knowledge and expertise to assist you.


We don’t currently carry out river and coastal modelling or surface water network modelling.


Please contact Glyn on 07804 449935 or email him at glyn@epsdesign.co.uk if you wish to discuss engaging us for any of the above services.